Steedl Sneakers

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Health Starts With Good Comfortable Shoes!

Did you know? About 76% of people report wearing uncomfortable shoes for most of the week. This leads to severe joint and back damage, which only gets worse over time.

Steedl Sneakers combine style and comfort like no other!

Most shoes have almost no sole and give you that unpleasant sensation of feeling your foot on the ground. The Steedl Sneakers are built differently: the sole is 3 centimeters high, making them the most comfortable shoes.

After only a few weeks, you will notice improvements in how you walk. These shoes will quickly become indispensable!


Many Orthopedic Benefits

The Steedl sneakers were created for those who experience pain such as plantar fasciitis, calcaneal spurs, Morton's Neuroma, and gouty arthritis, among other pains. Wear them daily and you will quickly notice orthopedic benefits:

  • Feet and leg pain relief.
  • Posture correction.
  • Spine pain relief. 


Beautiful and Comfortable Sneakers!

Elegant, comfortable, and classy, these sneakers will step up your everyday outfit! 

Be the first among your friends to own a pair, and expect the most spontaneous reaction when you wear these shoes: "They are amazing! Where did you find them?!"

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Soft Exquisite Material

The inner material is soft and delicate giving you a comfortable walking experience when worn for a long time.

Thanks to their lightness and top-quality materials, these shoes offer the greatest comfort possible and keep your feet cool all day long.


Materials: Polyurethane, rubber.